Plunge into the fountain of youth with your early anti-aging routine

The sooner you start, the better!

Our 20s are spent working hard and playing harder. As a thirtysomething, our lives become a blur of climbing the career ladder, bridesmaids dresses and squeezing in a holidays where we can. By our 40s, we still feel 21, however our skin may give the game away. By starting an anti-aging routine as early as our 20s, we can do wonders for our complexion in the long term

20% of aging is inevitable, the other 80% is caused by our lifestyles!

Obviously we won’t stay looking mid-20s our entire lives, but we can do our best to keep people guessing! By understanding what causes our fine lines and wrinkles, we can better understand how to fight against our aging enemies!

Early aging can be put down to various factors, however the main culprits are;

● The sun - harmful UV rays can penetrate our skin cells and break down collagen, making our complexion look less elastic and more prone to fine lines

● Pollution - living in a city may keep your mind energized, but the impurities which can bombard your skin may leave your complexion feeling lacklustre and damaged

● Your diet - do you have a sweet tooth, or like to indulge more than you should? An imbalanced diet can lead to all sorts of skin troubles...

Prevention is better than protection

Now you know the main causes of aging, the good news is that you can take steps to prevent and slow down the inevitable with a few skincare tips and tweaks to your lifestyle!

Stay hydrated - both inside and out!

Healthy skin relishes in hydration. When skin cells are full of moisture, our complexions look plump, smooth and radiant. Be sure to apply a nourishing moisturizer such as Aquasource Gel which provides your skin with 48 hours continuous hydration, enriched with life Plankton and Mannose to rejuvenate skin. Don’t forget to keep skin hydrated from the inside out! Drink at least 2 litres of water a day to help skin glow!

Upgrade your diet

You are what you eat, so try to eat more ‘skin-friendly’ foods including those packed with antioxidants (fruit and veg) or omega 3 essential fatty acid (salmon) to increase collagen production and thus help restore the skin’s natural bounce. A little extra tip, try to cut down on coffee! We know it’s not easy, especially when Friday hits, but caffeine can dehydrate skin and cause skin to look less elastic and cause fine lines.

Always cleanse!

Never ever go to bed without cleansing. Get rid of all the impurities that daily life may bring by giving your skin a chance to breathe and regenerate while you’re asleep. City dwellers, this one is particularly important for you, as pollution can be really damaging for the health of your skin. Skin Oxygen Depolluting Cleanser is enriched with Chlorella Algae which has powerful detoxifying powers, and will trap and remove any impurities whilst also being intensely nourishing - the perfect formula to breathe life into your skin!

Give your skin a boost with a little bottled help

It’s difficult to always avoid the aging factors that daily life can throw at us, so be sure to give your skin the upper hand. Blue Therapy Accelerated Serum helps to repair visible signs of aging, penetrating deep into our skin to help it feel firmer, more plumped and radiant. When applying your skincare products always sweep across the face, from the forehead, to the middle of the face outwards.

Get some sleep!

Your body has its highest rate of regeneration when you’re asleep, so be sure to do your best to get your beauty sleep! If afterwork drinks go on for slightly longer than expected, fake 8-hours beauty sleep with a hydrating night mask. Blue Therapy Cream-in-Oil nourishes and repairs skin to keep fine lines at bay, so get ready to wake up to rejuvenated, youthful and radiant skin!

The golden rule: wear SPF daily

UV rays break down collagen cells and can be held responsible for the majority of premature aging. Be sure to include an SPF in your daily routine, such as Aquasource SPF 15, a daily, ultra-nourishing moisturizer, which, enriched with Life Plankton, will keep skin quenched, protected and repaired, whatever the weather.

Get a head start on your anti-aging routine, and have plumped, radiant youthful skin far beyond your years!

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