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Your lifestyle may be affecting your skin

But with the right skincare products you can continue to do the things you love.

80% of signs of aging might come from the way we live, but no two people lead their life in the same way. This means that it’s important to have products that are not only adapted to your skin type, but to your particular lifestyle as well. The #LIVEMORE team is here to help you find the right ones that correspond to your particular needs!

For the urban amazon: Blue Therapy Accelerated

You’re a busy woman on the go and you need products that will repair your skin – fast. Enter: Blue Therapy Accelerated by Biotherm. The cream and serum from the line instantly melt and absorb into your skin so that you can be on time for your early morning meeting and show up with softer, younger, and more luminous skin.

For the sun chaser: Blue Therapy SPF 15 

You live for the sun, and spend a lot of time running outside, riding your bike, and going to the beach – no matter what time of year it is. Your skin needs a product that will go beyond the protection of the sunscreen you wear every day to make it invincible to face harsh environmental conditions. With Biotherm’s Blue Therapy SPF 15 cream, your skin will be repaired against the signs of aging by UVA-UVB rays and smooth your wrinkles.

For the nature junkie: Blue Therapy Cream-in-Oil

You absolutely love the great outdoors and truly appreciate how restorative nature can be. You enjoy long hikes and love the gorgeous glow they give you. You #eatclean and believe that your skin should be nourished from the inside out. Biotherm’s new Blue Therapy Cream-in-Oil is for you: it’s a blend of therapeutic oils, is rich in omega-3 and omega-6, and is similar to your own skin composition to repair it and help your skin look noticeably younger. You might not be able to eat it, but it’ll be the perfect to apply right after any healthy breakfast!

For the social sister: Blue Therapy Lift & Blur

You’re a person who loves to go out with your friends and network, and you always want to look your very best. You enjoy toning up your body at the gym and yoga class, and you do regular face exercises to smooth fine lines. However, for those peskier, deeper lines, a cream like Biotherm’s Blue Therapy Lift & Blur cream or the Blue Therapy Ultra-Blur filler is needed. In just a few days your skin will look plumper, your features will be lifted and those pesky wrinkles will be a lot less visible!

#LIVEMORE by using skincare products that are adapted to your lifestyle.

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