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Your skin is thirsty: this is how much water it really needs

As the temperatures rise, so should your water intake – find out just by how much!

First thing’s first: are you getting enough water? You’re probably tempted to say yes, especially if you drink “8 glasses a day” like you’ve always been told to do. However, each person is different, so that number might not actually be suitable for your personal needs and lifestyle. An adequate daily water intake has many health and beauty benefits, like better skin hydration, as proved by one study, and an improved mood. To determine if your body is getting the water supply it needs, take these two factors into consideration:

What the temperature is outside

When it’s hot out, you naturally sweat more, meaning you lose more water. You’ll have to up your intake by at least a few glasses a day, but a general rule of thumb is don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink.

Top tip: Take small sips throughout the day, and have a glass of water before each meal to ensure that you’re staying well hydrated.

How much you work out

Per hour of exercise, most people sweat 1.4 liters of water. Drink at least 1-3 glasses of water before working out, and then rehydrate and refuel your electrolytes with more water, coconut water, or a sports drink. If you exercise a lot or if the activity in question causes you to perspire more than normal, you might have to increase your fluid intake. Calculate the exact amount with this hydration calculator which bases its results on environmental factors, your gender, your height, weight, and age.

If you’re not a huge fan of drinking water all day long, remember that there are other ways to increase your daily intake. And don’t forget to apply some hydrating skincare products all summer long as well, like Aqua-Gelée Gel which is moisturizing and cooling at the same time!

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